Books and Resources

Recovering the Lost Legacy
Holiness, knowing what it means to be righteous before God, was a gift from the Jewish experience to the church. How was it lost during the separation of Jews and Christians?

The Story Behind the Lost Legacy
Recovering the Lost Legacy came out of a detailed investigation into what it meant to be a righteous Gentile in the first century. What surprises came to light?

A Place Where Everybody Matters
Small churches are great places to learn, grow, and live as disciples of Jesus. They are places where everyone can see their contributions in action.

How to Decide What to Do Next When You’re Retired
What do you want to do with the freedom that comes with retirement? It’s up to you. How to Decide What to Do Next When You’re Retired provides easy to use ways to figure out how to spend time on things that matter.

Peace Be With You: Christ’s Benediction
How can we interrupt the way factions polarize a church community and restore trust without forcing people to change their convictions?