Followers in the Early Church

What Happened on Pentecost?
On Pentecost the Holy Spirit came into the world to support all those who follow Jesus. How did it happen?

Pharisee Saul Changes His Mind
Paul was a Jewish Pharisee who believed that the Messiah had come. Did he abandoned his earlier faith or just turn to live it in a new direction?

Did You Have to be a Jew to Become a Christian?
The Jerusalem Council met to figure out what non-Jews had to do to become followers of Jesus. What confusion came from their decision?

What Kind of Person Was Saint Paul?
We only know Paul through what he wrote, so it can be hard to know what he meant by what he said. What kind of person was he?

What Was Paul’s Myers-Briggs Personality Type?
How well would Saint Paul’s Myers-Briggs personality type match his career as an evangelist and church organizer?