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Recovering the Lost Legacy

Do you feel out of step with the permissiveness of current culture?
What kind of behavior did Jesus and the apostles really expect of his followers?
How can we tell what parts of the Old Testament are meant for today’s Christians?
How can we use scriptural guidance to help ourselves but not criticize others?

Recovering the Lost Legacy will help you find the clarity you need to understand how the Bible provides real guidance for Christians every day.
I have already found this to be a treasure, a very important book because it is timeless. In these days when society is losing its moorings, there is a huge need for a book like this whose message is so direct and so relevant.
Dr. Harold May

As a shepherd, I have found Jean Risley’s Recovering the Lost Legacy a very helpful reminder and nuanced perspective, as I have sought to lead a flock beside still waters and along paths of righteousness. Hers is a care-filled counter to the cultural pitfalls, brackish waters and desert wastes which abound. Her writing style is clear, even as she delineates the various uses of the law and seeks to identify the traditions Jesus imbibed and employed. Thank you, Jean.
Rev. Stan Johnson,

Jean Risley’s Recovering the Lost Legacy speaks directly and forthrightly into a vital need in today’s churches: the need for concrete moral guidance for Christian living and mission, informed by the revealed moral laws of the Old and New Testaments. Risley pinpoints many of the confusions and misunderstandings of the nature of biblical law and its purposes, and provides practical suggestions for connecting these principles in the life of the church. I commend it warmly to all pastors and church leaders who seek a more comprehensive theological basis for Christian discipleship today.
John Jefferson Davis, Professor of Systematic Theology & Christian Ethics
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
God’s guidance shows us where we are, warns us, and lights our way home.