Jesus to Today’s Followers

What Do You Have to Be Thankful For?
Being thankful has real physical effects on our brain and our character. Jesus encourages us to have hearts full of gratitude.

Giving Thanks in All Circumstances
Thankfulness isn’t just for when things are going well. We’re called to be grateful all the time for the many blessings we have received.

How Do You Treat a Stranger?
The Good Samaritan is a good model of how to behave toward a stranger in our time, too. What do we need to do differently?

Anybody Done You Wrong Lately?
Jesus has a few choice words to say about what you should do when other people cause bad things to happen to you. How hard is it?

How Praying for Enemies Changes Us
Prayer involves God in the way we feel, and it can help us see our opponents through God’s eyes. How hard is it to pray for good things for them?

Do You Really Want to Be a Disciple?
What does it take to become a disciple of Jesus? Disciples, then and now, commit to let Jesus completely guide their lives.