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What Jesus Actually Said

Were You Invited to This Party?

What Did Jesus Expect of Non-Jews?

What Did Jesus Say about the Law?

What Is It Like in God’s Kingdom?

Events in the Life of Jesus

Was Jesus Qualified to be a Jewish Priest?

Why Did Rich Foreigners Visit a Poor Jewish Baby?

What Happened When Jesus Was Baptized?

What Was Jesus Looking for on the Mountain?

Followers of Jesus in the Early Church

What Happened on Pentecost?

Pharisee Saul Changes His Mind

Did You Have to be a Jew to Become a Christian?

What Kind of Person Was Saint Paul?

What Would Paul’s Meyers-Briggs Personality Type Have Been?

Jesus to Today’s Followers

What Do You Have to Be Thankful For?

Giving Thanks in All Circumstances

How Do You Treat a Stranger?

Advice from Jesus about Anger

Anybody Done You Wrong Lately?

How Praying for Enemies Changes Us

Do You Really Want to Be Disciple?

What Did Jesus Mean about Self-Denial?

Jesus on Living Together

Why Is There So Much Conflict?

How Did Jesus Handle Conflict?

Conflict in Church – Curse or Blessing?

Can We Learn to Like Diversity?

Living Together in Times of Conflict

What’s Behind the Scenes?

Creation, Evolution, and Original Sin

What Is the Trinity and Why Does It Matter?

Who Is the Holy Spirit?

Books and Resources

Recovering the Lost Legacy

The Story Behind the Lost Legacy

A Place Where Everybody Matters

How to Decide What to Do Next When You’re Retired

Peace Be With You: Christ’s Benediction amid Violent Empire

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