Other Interests


Knitting is one of the things I do to relax. I find the motion soothing, and I enjoy the feel and colors of the yarn as it passes through my fingers. I like patterns that are regular but a little bit challenging. I tend to design patterns for things I can’t find in stores, like sweater vests using lace patterns.

One of my favorite challenges was how to make a mock cable pattern so that it would have cables on both sides for a scarf. I created two patterns, one for a flat scarf (Kittie’s Request) and one for a circular scarf (Sarah’s Circle). Both patterns are available for free downloads on the knitting website ravelry.com. Click a picture if you are interested in trying one.

Kittie’s Request

two sided mock cable scarf

two sided mock cable scarf

Sarah’s Circle

Sarah with circle scarf

two sided mock cable circle scarf